Why Kerry Foods?

Joining Kerry Foods means becoming part of an incredible story – and helping to write the next chapter. You’ll work in a fast, agile and ambitious environment, with talented people who really care about what they do. We’re hungry for new ideas, so we’ll always listen to yours. And because we’re always looking to the future, you’ll find plenty of opportunity too.

Perhaps above all, you’ll find values that are shared by everyone here. And it’s here that the heart of our business comes alive.


Rewards & Benefits

Our people give us their best.

We want to make working here a very rewarding experience.
Our benefits packages, which vary according to role, level and location, may include all or some of the following:

  • Healthcare

  • Career Development

  • Bonus

  • Learning and development opportunities

  • Car allowance

  • Flexibility on how you work

  • Life assurance

Some of our locations offer subsidised restaurants, a staff shop and complimentary breakfast, as well as the opportunity to regularly sample our own products.
And what could be better than that?


You can grow your career here, your way.

Everyone can grow here. The pace and diversity of our business means that you’ll gain tons of experience every day. We’re big on opportunity too. If you take your career into your own hands and stay open to every possibility, you’ll find that our world is your oyster.

We have a wide range of structured training programmes in place. We’ll support you to create and drive a development plan that stretches you, builds on your strengths and helps you gain new skills and expertise. Coaching, projects and assignments, workshops and online assessments could all be part of this.

How far could you go? That’s largely up to you. Prove yourself and, like many others before you, you could go a long way – within Kerry Foods, or beyond into a role with Kerry Group.


When we talk about being forward looking, we don’t just mean in terms of growth – we mean in terms of everyone.

As a large business, we know we have a real responsibility to the communities and environment we live and work in.
And we, and our people, meet this responsibility in all kinds of ways. In fact, we have a strategy in place called
Towards 2020, and it has some pretty big goals in it – goals we’re well on our way to achieving.

  • Marketplace

    As a food business, we know we can have a big impact on people’s health. And we are, through our Kerry Foods ‘Better for you’ programme. Our aim is to improve our existing products and develop new ones that can contribute to a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle.

    We’ve cut 13% of the calories out of our uncured meats, and 32% of the sodium out of sliced cheeses. We’re also putting great stuff in – like loads more vitamin D and calcium in our Cheestrings.

  • Environment

    Despite all our growth, we’re shrinking a lot. Our carbon footprint has reduced, we’re on track to hit our water reduction targets, and we’re down to zero waste to landfill. And, thanks to rising recycling rates, we’re wasting less too.

    We’re also giving lots back. As part of our zero food waste policy, we’re partnering with UK and Ireland charities to redistribute food to everyone from homeless shelters and children’s breakfast clubs to homes for the elderly.

  • Workplace

    It’s our people who make us the business we are, so we do all we can to create an environment where they can all be at their best. Embracing diversity and ensuring we make every one of our sites a safe and healthy place to work are both key to this. And we’re always exploring new ways to make things even better.

  • Community

    Right across our business in the UK and Ireland, you’ll find local projects that give back. There’s always something good going on – and something to get involved in. Recent examples include donating food to homeless shelters, supporting charitable walks, and giving financial reporting support to a community horse-riding centre as well as our people supporting those charities close to their hearts.

    We’re also delighted to be an Official Sponsor of Special Olympics, providing both of our organisations many opportunities to work better together to create more inclusive communities.

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